Therapeutic Face & Body Ice Roller 1
Therapeutic Face & Body Ice Roller 1
Therapeutic Face & Body Ice Roller 1
Therapeutic Face & Body Ice Roller 1
Therapeutic Face & Body Ice Roller 1
Therapeutic Face & Body Ice Roller 1
Therapeutic Face & Body Ice Roller 1

Therapeutic Face & Body Ice Roller 1

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Wake up feeling fresh, pain-free and have that confident glowing face all day without any heavy makeup!

Have you ever experienced heavy headaches? Infections, redness, or swelling after a round of waxing?

Are you tired of irritating textures and large pores? Puffy or baggy eyes? Or maybe the pain from sore muscles?

The fact is that every one of us has experienced all of these issues before, unfortunately, for some of us, these problems occur on a daily basis.

The Ice Roller is truly a revolutionary idea that solves all the problems mentioned above! Say goodbye to the hassle of having to deal with constant headaches, swellings, irritations, and poor skin. 

Going out with a puffy morning face, especially with big puffy eyes that look tired, can cause feelings of unattractiveness in public, insecurities in ourselves and can even lead to a bad first impression.

Whether it’s for work, a party, a date or anything in between - our Ice Roller will improve your confidence every day with a fresh and glowing face.

Our Ice Roller calms down sudden migraine, sinus pain, redness, irritations and reduces the chances of you having to take any medicine at all! 

This amazing Ice Roller is not only more convenient than using ice cubes, but it also stays cold for longer, without the drippy mess of ice cubes. 


  • Relieve Pain by rolling over the parts of your body that are sore which decreases the blood flow resulting in reduced inflammation.

  • Remove Insecurities by getting rid of large pores and puffiness around your face making you feel fresh and confident.

  • Stop wasting money on overpriced eye creams that do nothing except for giving false hope and frustration.
  • Turn heads everywhere, and be the talk of the party, with a glowing face that looks like it’s been touched by a makeup artist daily


  • Detach the roller head and fill it up with water.
  • Simply put the roller inside the freezer for about an hour.
  • Clean the face before rolling as using it tightens the pores making them smaller and absorbing anything that's on the skin. 
    Use the roller on any parts of your body that are sore or is in pain.


If you don't absolutely LOVE using our Ice Roller, just send it back within 14 days for a full stress-free refund! On top of that, your Ice Roller comes with a 30-day FREE replacement warranty covering any manufacturing defects when you SHOP NOW!

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