Soccer Kick™ Trainer
Soccer Kick™ Trainer
Soccer Kick™ Trainer

Soccer Kick™ Trainer

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Our hands-free soccer trainer lets you maximize the number of touches without time wasted chasing the ball. Designed to improve the player's ball control, shooting techniques and to develop proper passing and receiving.

TRAINING EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT: With the adjustable 18 feet long strong elastic cord, you no longer need to chase the ball which can save more time to focus your energy on training to improve your soccer ability.
    BALL CONTROL ABILITY PRACTICE: This kick trainer frees your hands, maximizes the number of ball touches which increases your feeling of passing, shooting, receiving, dribbling, and overall footwork. So it achieves the fast and repeating ball touch training.
      ADJUSTABLE WAISTBAND AND BALL HOLDER: Adjustable and durable Velcro fastening waistband and universal ball holder suitable for different levels trainers of kids, youth, adults and the size of the ball such as 3, 4, 5.

        HIGH-QUALITY INSURANCE: The ball holder is strong enough to hold the ball firmly and high-quality elastic nylon materials, the strong buckle, the fine stitches ensure the training aid lasting durability, which guarantees you kicking a long time.

        Wrap the sleeve around your waist and the glove around your ball, and you're ready for the ultimate solo practice.


        Q: Do you have one big enough to fit kids in?
        A: Yes! It's adjustable to fit any size and therefore its made for both kids and adults!

        Q: Does it come with a ball?
        A: Unfortunately we don't include a ball with the package.

        Q: How long does the shipping take?
        A: The lockdown of countries caused a huge increase in demand and therefore the expected time for delivery is 12-25 days.