Portable Roll Up Drum Set
Portable Roll Up Drum Set
Portable Roll Up Drum Set
Portable Roll Up Drum Set
Portable Roll Up Drum Set

Portable Roll Up Drum Set

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Get ready to Rock and Roll on the go, with this flexible and portable roll-up drum set. 

Perfect for the young rock star looking to get their start, or a seasoned vet wanting to keep their skills sharp on the go.

A recent innovation in the world of musical instruments is the invention of the “roll-up” drum kit. At first read, this sounds hard to grasp. How can you roll-up a drum kit? Well, the answer is quite straightforward.

Roll-up kits are a combination of a soft sheet of silicone with electrical components. The end result is a drum kit that is smaller than anything ever produced before.

You may be in the position of considering a purchase for a family member or friend who would like to play drums. In this case, a roll-up drum kit could be just the thing. 

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By wearing a set of headphones while you play you can be as quiet as a church mouse while rocking out like you're playing Madison Square Garden. Perfect for late-night playing and to prevent parents from going crazy due to their kids playing all day. 

Drums are a naturally curious instrument for kids and adults alike. Setting up a roll-up kit at a party or family gathering is a sure-fire way to get people to join in.


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  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: 7 pads and 2 drum pedals create professional sounds including crash cymbal, ride cymbal, open/closed hi-hat, snare, bass drum, high tom, low tom and fool tom.

    The snare and hi-hat position can be changed by pressing the "special" button to adjust to the player's habits. 

  • DRUM SET TONES: POP, Rock, Latin, Electro, Percussion
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Link up to your mobile phone, tablet, PC, and other electronic devices that support music. You can even use it with headphones and earbuds. Equipped with a USB MIDI connection. It comes with 2 pedals, drumsticks, and power supply.

  • FUN: Record your beats and upload them to any WiFi capable computer. The set includes 4 demo songs, 5 timbres, 7 drum sounds, 9 accompaniment, and adjustable playing speed of demo and accompaniment!

  • PORTABLE: Whether you are on a road tour or simply practicing from the comforts of your apartment, our compactness and portability of the electronic drum set is your best companion. Our roll-up drum pad with a unique roll-up and portable design makes it very easy to carry and save space, Ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space

    Package List:

    * Electronic Drum
    * (2)Drum Sticks
    * Pedal Set
    * USB Cable (1.2m)
    * 3.5mm Audio Cable(0.5m)
    * User Manual (English)