Night Vision Car Driving Glasses
Night Vision Car Driving Glasses
Night Vision Car Driving Glasses

Night Vision Car Driving Glasses

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According to highway and traffic statistics, road fatalities triple at night. This is because of the human peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to discern color diminished.

Therefore, driving during night time is considered dreadful and dangerous. You can now settle back while driving safely at night with these amazing HD Night Vision Driving Glasses!

The Night Vision Driving Glasses is a polarized night vision glasses specially designed to be worn over your prescription glasses and ensures safety driving at night and on foggy or rainy days. Equipped with lenses that can reduce glareadd contrast to your vision and increase visual clarity when you drive at night, dusk or rainy day. Night vision glasses will balance the polarized and vision, which can cut the glare from headlight and increase brightness. It has a full coverage frame including the peripherals.


  • Reduces Glares and Flashes- Designed to transform your vision and reduce the contrast from bright blue and white glares and flashes for more vivid clarity during night time driving. 
  • The difference between this kind of night vision glasses and other ordinary glasses- Ensures maximum visibility while preventing the dazzle/glaring light, make the vision more clearly. 
  • Shatterproof and Durable- Built to last with polycarbonate, shatterproof, yellow-tinted lenses to keep your eyes on the road at all times.
  • Night Vision Driving Glasses HD- Stylishly designed to be worn like standard glasses or on top of your prescription frames - making them convenient for use at any time of the day. 



  • Lens Color: Yellow, Grey
  • Frame Color: Bright black
  • Frame Material: PC
  • Lens Material: Resin
  • Anti-UV Rating: UV400
  • Visible Light Perspective: 99 (%)
  • Size: 15.4CM wide 14.5CM high 4.2CM
  • Package Includes: 1X Night Vision Driving Glasses