Microwave Bacon Cooker
Microwave Bacon Cooker
Microwave Bacon Cooker
Microwave Bacon Cooker
Microwave Bacon Cooker

Microwave Bacon Cooker

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Cook delicious bacon in the microwave in minutes!

The Microwave Bacon Cooker cooks several strips of bacon to perfection, fast and easy in the microwave. This specially designed microwavable grill keeps bacon elevated so fat drips off, leaving you with a healthier breakfast side.
Our goal is all about convenience and control of everyday meal preparation for the busy home cook. Simple to load, serve, clean, and store. 
It comes with three removable cooking racks that stack in the cooker tray. Cooks bacon perfectly in minutes, fat drips into an exclusive deep base for healthy and crunchy bacon.
Cooks up to 12 rashers. Easy cleanup, no fat splashes in the microwave. The easy way to make crisp, delicious bacon in your microwave.


* For one to six bacon strips, use on the drip bar at the center. For 7-12 bacon strips, two drip bars at the front and back. For 13-18 bacon strips, use all three drip bars.

* Drape bacon strips over each drip bar. For best results, distribute bacon strips evenly on the drip bars.

* Place the Bacon Cooker Tray in the center of the microwave. Cook bacon on high power 1/2 - 1 minute per strip.


Material ABS
Type Microwave Bacon Cooker
Product Weight
  • 140G
Product Size 22 × 23 × 13cm
Package Contents
  • 1 × Bacon Cooker Tray
  • 3 × Rack Holder