Teach Your Little One To Master Letters, Words, and Spelling With Absolute Ease!

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 Say goodbye to teaching difficulties and your little one's learning struggles!

The Letter Recognition Spelling Game keeps your little one endlessly entertained all while they learn how to read, write, spell and understand the concept of colors & numbers!

Designed with colorful pictures and letters of the alphabet, it allows children to match one another, which helps to develop their sight-reading vocabulary.


Encourage your child to learn the basics of reading & writing without the difficulties of having to get their attention!


Help improve your child’s life skills by introducing an educational yet amusing activity to do everyday.

Make learning time a fun, care-free game for your little one to enjoy on their own!

Encourages Letter Recognition & Sounds

As children continue to play the game, it helps them learn letters of the alphabet, objects, words, as well as read, write and spell.

Boosts Interest In Learning

Completed with colorful pictures and letters, the matching game helps accelerate language learning and keeps your child amused!

Hassle-Free Teaching

Offering fast, fun, and addictive entertainment, teach your little one the basics of reading & writing without any difficulty.

Screen-Free Activities

Providing a hands-on learning experience, reduce distractions from screens/electronics while maximizing fun! 

Safe For Children

Finished in non-toxic paint and smooth, rounded edges, the swallow-proof wood letters are harmless and safe for any child to play with. 

Our Happy Customers

Excellent Learning Tool Yet Fun

My granddaughter is 2 and 3/4 and LOVES these letters and cards. We spend a lot of time matching them. We sit on the floor on one of her mats and its effortless learning. Her language,reading, memory, eye-hand coordination and even math skills are enhanced. She will count out how many of the same letter is needed for words. I first saw this online and ordered one set.

J from Jersey

Nice educational toy for the little ones.

Inside the box, you will find a bag of wooden letters in different colors and a bag of flashcards to play with the letters. 

I love the made quality of the whole set, it is pretty decent. The wooden letters are cute and the size is suitable for the little hands. The flashcards are made from thick and smooth paper and they are double sided.

The idea putting the word next to the picture is educational. It helps the kids to read and understand the common things in the daily life. When they pick the wooden letters and put onto the flashcard, it adds the fun and meanwhile enhances the learning.

 I personally think this is a pretty good learning toy for the kids. My youngest nephew is turning 3 in a month, I think this will be a nice gift for his birthday.

Alicia Robertson


1x Word Box 

26x Letters

28x Cards

Letter Recognition Spelling Game

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