Add a simple, yet elegant touch to your home.

  • Takes Less Than 60 Seconds To Install

  • Innovative Solution For Home Lightning

  • Built To Last

  • Oh, And It's The Perfect Gift...

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Transform Any Outlet Into A Night Light!

The GuideLight includes a light sensor that turns the LEDs On/Off automaticallyIt is designed to increase or decrease slowly depending on the amount of light in the room. 

They should be at full brightness when the room is completely dark and slowly dim as the room gets lighter.


No Batteries or Wires. Installs in seconds.

Step 1: Unscrew & Remove the old outlet plate

Step 2: Insert new LED Plate over the outlet

Step 3: Secure screw and enjoy it!

Free Up Your Outlets

Get rid of your bulky plug-in night-lights! We’ve designed an innovative solution for home lighting that leaves both outlets free

Don't let standard, bulky night lights dominate your hallways, bathrooms, or children's bedrooms anymore.


 Unlimited Lighting Potential 

We help you get that premium lighting you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. Designed to look like your standard outlet cover and blend in with any home decor.

Lighting In Any Room

Bedrooms. Bathrooms. Kitchens. Hallways.


Whether it be pathway lighting to help you get around at night, or that premium look all around the house that you’ve always wanted, our GuideLight products work in any room in your home.


Material: ABS.

Color: White/Black/Lvory

Suitable Voltage: 110V/60HZ

Power: 0.5W

Product Size: Approx. 7.4 x 12.5 x 3cm / 2.9 x 4.9 x 1.2"

Package Weight: Approx. 58g

Outlet Wall Plate with LED Night Lights
$ 13.99$ 8.99


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