The Adjustable Shower Bracket That Makes Life Easier

  • Simplifies The Process Of Bathing Pets & Kids

  • No Glue Or Drilling Required

  • Easy To Install

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  • Oh, And It's The Perfect Gift!

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Adjustable Shower Wall Rack

If you live in a family home, there are bound to be a lot of different people with different heights using the shower.


When your kids are young, you will need to bathe them yourself, which means you need a showerhead close to hand, not six feet up the wall. 


However, you can't be expected to do everything with one hand. Our Adjustable Shower Bracket acts as your assistant whilst you're bathing your kids or pets. 

Adjustable Design

The adjustable design makes it easy to adjust the angle of the direct nozzle. The nozzle holder can be rotated 360 degrees.

Easy To Install

No more damage to your walls by using glue or drills. 

EasyBracket™ uses suction technology and the only requirement is a clean and drywall surface. Designed to withstand a maximum weight of 8.5 pounds.

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"Worth The Purchase"

"I've tried so many of these products which didn't work but I said I'd try one more and I'm so glad that I did. Pros: Easy installation, can relocate, the suction is very strong and doesn't slide down the wall or fall off and the holder can turn to fit two different sized handles. My showerhead is a large handheld Waterpik which is slightly heavy but this holder does a great job holding it. Makes it easier to bath my dogs. I've had it installed for over a month and no problems.."

- Isabelle M., 36

"Highly Recommend It"

"We used commercial grade tile in our bathroom - it has rough and slippery surface. We did not want to use shower holders which required to drill holes - this is a shower after all and any holes are potential for moisture and mildew accumulation behind the tile. We chose to use shower head holder which has suction cup or is glued on or both. However, after a while due to temperature and moisture, all holders we had would fall off. We even used Gorilla glue tapes to attach some of them - nothing worked. Finally, came across this product. Unlike other holders, this one has a nob which you have to turn in order to increase the suction. Let me tell you something, this thing is not coming off. It has attached itself so strongly to the wall that you cannot rip it off even if you try. Highly recommend it."

- Declan D., 26

"Great For Elderly"

"Needed a shower head holder for a hand held shower for an elderly woman who uses a shower chair. This holder keeps the shower within her reach and can be positioned by swivel up or down to aim the stream of water without having to hold the shower head itself. STRONG suction. It is easy to create a strong suction so care should be used

not to crack ceramic tile. Very happy with this purchase.!"

- Alivia G., 42

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2x EasyBracket

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4x EasyBracket

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